the original third of the population of Ecuador

"Fondo as one of the Chinese settlements, mainly for two reasons, one is more Chinese living there early, so as to become the basis for the development of the Chinese, more and more Chinese settlers in Fondo, back to the Chinese will naturally to Fondo, after all, as the Chinese settlements, whether from in terms of language, or the environment, the Chinese are used to herd together. Although the Chinese in Fondo life more convenient, but in 2009, some Chinese still choose to stay away from Fondo, even if it is the "Fondo work, do not want to live in Fondo instability region away from the social order became some Chinese chose settlements ground of reason. The report specifically pointed out: the rapid development of Chinese immigrants in Barcelona city center community in the past forty years, the growth rate of population growth is rising, the fundamental reason is that a lot of Chinese people want to look for business opportunities in the city center within, so as to drive the movements of the Chinese population and Fourth place from the original population rate rise to third place, more than the original third Ecuadorian immigrant population, become a Barcelona immigrant groups should not be overlooked. At the same time, the survey also shows that in Barcelona, ​​Fondo is not Chinese, one of the main settlements, Barcelona's Eixample, Sant Marti, Gracia, has become the first choice of the new Chinese settlements. Show: 0-14 Chinese population in the 2012 year growth rate of 21.2%, 15-24-year-old Chinese population growth rate of 15.5%, 25-39 years old Chinese population growth rate 35.6% of 40-64-year-old Chinese growth rate of 26.1%, an increase of 1.6% of the population over the age of 65. The report sex official statistics, in 2012 year, registered in the total number of Chinese in the city center, The Eixample district the Chinese enrollment rates champion, to another colony Chinese. In this case, the reporter visited the overseas Chinese of Barcelona, ​​According to a migration from the Fondo Chinese living to the city center, told reporters: Chinese enterprises and shops in the city center within the constantly increasing, so Chinese families originally most of the inhabited settlements in the outskirts of the Chinese migration to the city center residence. Resulting in the 25-year-old to 39-year-old Chinese ages to find jobs in the city center, and then settled in the city center location. At the same time, the report analysis, registered in the center of Barcelona, ​​the Chinese, the majority live in the Eixample, Sant Marti, Sants three distinguishing The comparison: affected by the impact of the economic crisis, as well as security and other factors, the the Fondo Chinese immigration registration rate began to decline, many Chinese migrated to the city center from the Fondo living. Meanwhile, Fondo is also one of the remote areas in Barcelona, ​​law and order management phase for the city center, is also more relaxed, The main reason is the large number of Chinese people have begun to migrate from the original colonies, looking for work or business opportunities in the city center, which led to the migration of the entire race; second is Ecuadorians affected by economic crisis, unemployment can not be found many Ecuadorians do not want to drift overseas to work, a large number of returning population decline. ' The beginning of the new year, the Barcelona Immigration, Census Bureau, the city government and other departments jointly investigate According to the to Spain Eulam reported, to carry out a census in the the downtown Barcelona immigrants distribution rate on non-resident. By the census, it is found that a large number of Chinese immigrant population registered in Barcelona growth, . However, with the impact of the economic crisis, the Fondo Chinese businesses continue to be affected by the overall immigration environment than ever before, the Fondo's deteriorating security environment coupled with the economic crisis, many foreign national for the Chinese to start committing the crime, making living in near Fondo Chinese often victims, Therefore the Fondo are also many who do not reside Chinese lived in Barcelona preliminary, first consider the settlement. ' According to a staff member of the municipal government, told reporters: "the expatriate population in 2012 in the center of Barcelona's statistics, Pakistan's most populous immigrants, followed by Italian, Chinese immigrants rise to third from fourth in 2011 bit more than the original third of the population of Ecuador. In addition, the investigation report on the original Chinese immigrant population inhabited by many Fondo and today's immigrants live in several important areas compared Chinese men accounted for 50.6%, the Chinese women accounted for 49.4%. This official document to 2008-2012, Barcelona Immigration statistics registered on population statistics, registered in the center of Barcelona in 2008, the Chinese population of only 12,938, while the Chinese population statistics in 2012 15,875 (this Barcelona to Barcelona city center community, not the city of Barcelona, ​​does not contain the suburban Santa Coloma).