Indian migrants should not be done by walking

Analysis of DNA samples from indigenous peoples living in the Northern Territory of Australia, the results showed up to 11% of the genes with Indians. At the same time, other parts of Asia did not find their DNA, and the fact that they are directly across the Indian Ocean, rather than through the walk came to Australia. Interestingly, the archaeological record shows that dingoes came to Australia in about the same period, indicating that they may be shipped by these Indian immigrants to . A genetic research shows that immigrants from India more than 4,000 years ago to settle down in the continent of Australia. This discovery overturned the following viewpoints: the continent has remained isolated since about 50000-45000 years ago for the first time began to be colonial state, until the Europeans discovered Australia in the eighteenth century, to change this situation . Mark - Stone gold, the person in charge of the study, said: "Australia is considered to be humans left Africa, the earliest immigrants choose to settle in one place, but since then here seems to be isolated. University of Leipzig, Germany Irina - Pujia Dr. Crane said, the international research group that the indigenous population has Indians of DNA in 141 generations ago. Assume that each generation is an average of 30 years, geneticists will be able to conclude that the population of India came to Australia in about 4230 years ago. She said: "It is interesting that, in this era is also in line with a lot of changes in the archaeological record in Australia, which includes the processing of crops, stone tool technology (microliths first dingoes) and the fossil record initially looked mutations because we found the Indian genes into Australia at about the same period, these changes are likely related to this migration. " DNA evidence suggests that Indian migrants should not be done by walking, the fact that they sailed here. Australia's first colony of humans out of Africa by the long walk to complete. The scientists believe that humans left Africa through the Arabian coast, through India, arrived in Indonesia and the island of New Guinea, and eventually across an ancient continental bridge, came to Australia. According to the prevailing view, they arrived here, with Australia's indigenous peoples and other world without any contact. However, the DNA evidence, about 4230 years ago, a second wave of human settlement, this happens before the first Europeans set foot in here for a long time. Europeans in 1606 from a ship far to see Australia first came here. In the Navy Colonel James - Cook arrived in 1770, and declared that it belongs to the United Kingdom ago, there are 53 boats set foot here.